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Hello & Welcome !!

This is my first blog post !!  I have been working very hard and going crazy building this new website so I can stay stylish and keep up with the times.   This new Blog is something that I am going to try to keep in touch with folks, (maybe like you), who are interested in keeping up with what I am doing photographically as well as seeing photo’s from days gone by and hearing some of the background behind them.  My photo’s feature many musicians for the most part but there are certainly other subjects as well.  Take a look at my “About John” page if you are not previously familiar with me or my work and then please take a look at the rest of the website as well as connecting with my Facebook page which will always have many photo’s from any recent shoots as well as many albums dating back through my career.  I am looking forward to connecting with so many of you who are interested in photography as well as music.  I will start with a photo I took of Little Sammy Davis whom is certainly my most photographed subject.  this photo was taken in June of 2006 a few days before the 1st ever Honesdale Roots and Rhythm Festival.

Little Sammy Davis, Honesdale, Pennsylvania 6.15.06

Little Sammy Davis, Honesdale, Pennsylvania 6.15.06

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