Happy Hubert

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You would never know that Hubert Sumlin, legendary guitarist & historic Blues figure was not feeling well this day back in June of 2004.   His smile always lit up the air around him.  I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of  time with Hubert on quite a few occasions and  cherish those memories.  It is sometimes astounding to me to have had the chance to be around some of the guys that created the music that has moved so many of us so strongly.  Hubert would absolutely be in the category of being so unique in his style that music would not be as we know it if not for the path he followed.   I gave Hubert a framed print of this photo for his birthday a few years later and he showed me how to play “Smokestack Lightning” on my Telecaster.  He was a true gentleman and a burning light blazing forth with that smile, his music and his warm & gentle soul.

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    So, forgive me while I adapt to this new Blog format. To see the whole photo and text please click on the title, “Happy Hubert” on the sidebar. I will start getting the sizing correct as I get used to this workflow. …..JR


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